Preaching Buddha
Dimension (16 X 40)
Mix media Acrylic

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Enchanting Bud
Dimension (40 X 40)

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Dimension (30 X 48)
Acrylic and Mixed Media

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Ashima Thukral, born in June 1970, Delhi, is one of India’s emerging abstract painters. She lives and works in Mumbai. Ashima’s works are known for their mature abstract compositions, the schematic presentation of an idea, without  representing any recognizable animate object,but imbued with unbounded energy in free flowing forms and colours.

As an artist, Ashima strives for the best quality in both materials and finish. All her paintings are created with great care. Ashima’s Paintings are straight out of the contemporary art stream and modern design. The desire and enthusiasm in abstract designs have unleashed a natural talent beyond comparison.